Jeff Tapolci. Canon Mac Youth Soccer Association

"The Data Blueprints Online Registration Center and interactive website was the perfect solution for the CMYSA. As a technical Board Member for the CMYSA for several years, we have struggled to get one system to handle online registrations, club activities, news, mailers, team formations, etc. With this solution everything we need is in one package and designed to work in the PA West Soccer system. As most clubs and associations like the CMYSA, we are all volunteers with limited time to spend on the administration functions of our organization after coaching a team or two. With this solution we have not only gained efficiencies but also have saved a lot of time. This solution has been our plan for a long time, and it has turned out to exceed our expectations. Chuck thank you for providing this opportunity to the CMYSA and thank you for all of the help you have given us to get this new solution implemented for our players, parents and board members.

At our travel tryouts this week, I had 2 laptops with broadband cards installed so we could register players on the spot using this system. It was great and we had so many comments about how technical we are. It really made registration much easier."