Manage Your Website

Content Management (CMS)CONTENT MANAGEMENT.  No one likes a stale website.  Our content management solutions (CMS) provide you with easy tools to edit your website anytime, anywhere.

eCommerceE-COMMERCE.  Put your brick & mortar store online and expand your market from regional to worldwide.  Manage your online store with our easy store-management tools.




joomlaadminA successful web developer will have perhaps hundreds of customers.  If each customer requests a spelling correction on their website, it could take hours for the developer to work their way through a couple hundred websites and complete the corrections.  

Websites built using content management software enable the customer to make their own website changes.  A successful web developer can become a bottleneck when it comes to fulfilling customer content change requests.  But if the customer is empowered to make their own site changes, the website content is more accurate and less stale, and content changes are more timely.  Data Blueprints uses content management solutions that provide the site owner, and their staff, with user-friendly tools that can be used to maintain site content.  People don't come back to a website that doesn't change often.

And, our e-Commerce solutions make it just as easy for online store owners to maintain their stores, fulfill online orders, and pull reports on sales activity.  Adding new products, running sales, creating coupon codes, and taking credit cards are breeze with our store-management tools and solutions.  Expand your territory from regional to worldwide by putting your inventory on the web.